Sunday, May 28, 2006

Police Arrests in Pune Rally

On the 28th of May 2006, at around 9:30 a.m., as the protesters started gathering, the police used threats to disperse the protesters, the banners and other display materials were snatched and threats of usage of lathi and arrests were issued.

People from various background like engineers, doctors, IT professionals, lawyers started gathering there. As the police realised that the threats were not deterring the protesters, they arrested two vans full of protesters who were then taken to Swargate Police Station.

YFE- Pune started contacting various media across the country and also came in touch with YFE in other cities. Youths then gathered at the police station to support their fellow protesters who were arrested. The arrested included medical students, engineering students, IT and IT-related professionals among others.

The arrested were later on released on a personal bond of 7000/- each by the Shivaji Nagar court.

This amount of 7000/- asked from students needs to be collected as soon as possible, various individuals and organizations are requested to come forward and support the Pune movement.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Maha Rally in Pune on 28th May 2006

The goverment has cleared their stand that they will go ahead with their plan to "FORCE" RESERVATION QUOTA on to us and its high time that we show them that they cannot take us for granted.

To protest against the decision we have arranged a demonstration on this Sunday and we will appreciate your presence in the demonstration. Each one of has got a lot within himself to make this event a Success. EVERY person counts.

Please be there.

Day: Sunday 28 May, 2006.
Time: 10 A.M.
Location: Assembly point:- Saras Baug, Bajirao Road, near Swargate.

Route of demonstration: Saras Bag - Tilak Road - Deccan -
Corporation - Shanivar vada.

Contact Numbers: 9890409293, 9890068771

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Delhi Bharo Andolan is organised by IMA Delhiu and has called all the interested candidates to Delhi on the 28 th of May. Please join the Youth For Equality,Delhi.. Lets fight fopr our rights

Monday, May 22, 2006

Plan for 24/05/2006

We are planning to conduct some activities at Bal Gandharva Chowk. The general plan is to emphasize on the so called brain drain. The plan-of-action would be like this:
A group of students would be sitting on the footpath reading GRE books, while a set of students will perform street plays every hour telling the people what this is all about. Simultaneously we would also be distributing pamphlets.

Also there would be students performing the job of "vehicle cleaners" to show that this is what they would have to do as things are going. Their T-Shirts would be carrying the slogan too, something on the lines of "After PG I have to do this"

These activities would continue till about 6:30 or so, and then there would be a pledge that all of us would be taking (candle) for what we stand for.

This would continue till about 8:30 pm.

Note: All the above mentioned activities HAVE to be conducted in a non-violent manner as the people present here would be of their own will. Any untoward incidents would be the indivdual's responsibility.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Youth for Equality, Pune

Youth for Equality, Pune is a branch of Youth for Equality,India protesting against the recent reservation policy of the Govt. of India.
It includes all the colleges in Pune which include Medical,Engineering , Arts ,Commerce,Law and Management colleges.

Short Term Goals :
1. To oppose and stall the Reservation Bill which will be passed on the 23 rd of May,2006

Policies Of Y4EP
1. Scrapping off the proposed reservation policy
2. Revising the existing the reservation policy
3. Reservation if at all needed should be on the basis of Socio-Economic status and not on the basis of caste
4. Reservation benefits should be given to only one person from each generation.
5. If not, reservation benefits should be used only once in the lifetime, i.e. at HSC level or UG level.

Plan Of Action :
17/05/2006 :
Formation of a committee comprising of the student heads of all the colleges in Pune. A Rally is planned on 21st May 2006(Sunday). Rally details are as follows
1. There will be two rallies
2. One rally will start from SNDT College,Kothrud. The other rally will start from BJ Medical College Ground, MG Road.
3. Colleges assembling at SNDT : COEP , MIT , Cummins ,Garware , Symbiosis and all the nieghbouring colleges
4. Colleges assembling at BJ Medical Ground : BJ, FC , SP , Wadia , Micmar and all the neighbouring colleges.
5. All the Software and other working Professionals, Parents , Senior Citizens and Industrial Management can come at any of the two venues depending on their convienience.
6. The Rallies start at 4 pm and will join together on JM Road.

18/05/2006 :
1. Contacting Industrial Management and Working Class to join in. Also bring as many parent and senior citizens in the rally.
2. Calling y4e groups from different cities in India and coordianating with them.